Chapter 5 Analyzing Your FanDuel and DraftKings Contest History

5.1 Downloading and cleaning the data

5.1.1 Downloading contest history from FanDuel

  • Log in to FanDuel.

  • Select the ‘History’ button.

  • Press the ‘Download as CSV’ button.

  • Save the CSV file in your ‘Downloads’ folder.

5.1.2 Downloading contest history from DraftKings

  • Log in to DraftKings.

  • Select ‘My Contests’ and then ‘History’.

  • Click the ‘Download Entry History’ link.

  • Save the CSV file in your ‘Downloads’ folder.

5.2 Cash game probabilities and expectations

5.3 Logistic regression plots

5.4 Fantasy point and quantile rank density plots